The brilliant actor who played the role of Gollum in “The Lord of the Rings," Andy Serkis, will be filming an upcoming movie in Ireland.

Serkis is set to play to role of Dr Adrian King, aka Dr Death, in the movie “Superhero." The movie is a collaboration between Irish production company, Grand Pictures and Germany’s Bavaria Pictures. It is being co-funded by the Irish Film Board and a number of German donors.

The movie is based on the a book, by Anthony McCarten, called “Death of a Superhero."  The story is centered on a terminally ill teenager who seeks sex and adventure. However, he faces many obstacles, including that he has only months to live.

To escape his grim reality he retreats to the world of his own comic-book adventures. His creations include the indestructible Miraculousman who fights battles against his arch-nemisis ‘The Glove.' Donald is brought to visit several psychologists but eventually makes a bond with Andy Serkis’ character.

The movie will also star Thomas Brodie Sangster ('Love Actually'), Aisling Loftus ('Dive'), Jessica Schwarz ('Perfume') and Michael McElhatton ('Paths to Freedom').

It will shoot for approximately six weeks in Dublin before moving to Munich.