The actor who played the weird, slinky, soft-voiced creature in “Lord of the Rings” called Gollum has set his sights on another role: he wants to play Bono.

He thinks someone should make a biopic of the famous Irish rock-singer’s life, and he told the British music magazine NME he should have the starring role. "I could do Bono,” he said. “Someone will have to write the screenplay."

Serkis seems to have a particular passion for Irish characters.Were a film made about the Pogue’s rise to fame, he said he’d also be interested in playing Shane McGowan.

"Someone also suggested Shane McGowan to me, that's not a bad story."

The roles might be a step up for Serkis. He wouldn’t have to wear the make-up or the body suit he had in the Tolkein-based film. And Bono and McGowan are (a little) better looking than Gollum.

Andy Serkis