Recently, there has been a lot of buzz and press about the glitz and glam of Irish dancing competitions, and how everything goes against the all-natural look. But to those immersed in the competitive world of Irish dance, we know all the self-tanning, makeup and sparkles don't make the champion. It sure helps a dancer feel her best when on stage, though. 

Every girl dreams of dancing—and looking—perfect on the day of a feis. You feel like you could walk down the runway—and own it—once you put on that Gavin Doherty dress and your whole look has been assembled.

Unlike everyday life, when it comes to your makeup for big dance competitions, more is key. Here’s what to put where on the day of competition, like the upcoming 2012 North American Irish Dance Championships.

On your face and legs…We all hate it, but it is a word every Irish dancer has in their vocabulary: Bronzer. And it’s something we all need so we don’t look washed out on stage compared to our beautiful—and colorful—dresses. Two days before a big competition, grab your mom, sister or friend and have them help with evenly applying a coat of self-tanner to your legs. The day of, apply bronzer to your face first before any other makeup. And leave the foundation at home. It’ll give you a cake-like feeling and make you feel sweatier than you actually are.

On your eyes…Whatever colors your dress has on it, those are the colors off your eye shadow palette you should swipe across your lids. Use the main color of your dress as the base, brushing it across your entire eyelid. Then, take one of your secondary dress colors and apply it in your creases. Add a nice blast of eyeliner and a coat of mascara and you’ll have champion-ready eyes that will capture everyone…along with your dancing, of course.

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On your lips…A nice pink lipstick really does wonders for any girl. Don’t like the texture that lipstick gives you? Any 12 or 24-hour gloss kit works as well, too.

On your tips…Every solo Irish dancer is obviously trained to bring her shoulders back and have perfect posture, meaning hands are hardly shown. Bright nail polish will look tacky—and sloppy—so remove all coats the night before taking to the stage. A major must for all doing ceilis!

Everywhere…Sparkles are a great way to complete your look, causing you to shine even more on stage. From sparkly eye shadow to a glittery powder, dust it everywhere so you match those glamorous rhinestones on your costume.

So go out on stage, and wow the crowd. Don’t forget to reapply as necessary between rounds for a fresh glow.

What are some beauty products you always pack in your feis bag? Let us know!

Article reposted from original 7/15/11 posting date.

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