Dublin native Simone Rocha made a stellar appearance at London’s Fashion Week on Tuesday with a fall line that she said is a “tribute” to her grandmothers.

TIME spoke with Rocha while she was backstage for her show at London Fashion Week on Tuesday.

Speaking about her line, Rocha said, “This season’s very much inspired by my grandmothers – my Chinese granny and my Irish granny.

“My relationship with them and my respect for them made me think about my respect and relationship with clothing. I really wanted to develop this collection more, be a little bit more respectful, so it feels a little bit more grown up.”

Speaking with UK Vogue, Rocha said, "It's so nostalgic but I wanted to do it in a young way, it has heritage, but I wanted to do it in a way that changes it.

"And really, who doesn't love a bit of leopard?"

Rocha also went on to speak about her eclectic mixed ancestry. My granddad’s from Macau, so I’m actually half Irish, quarter Chinese, a quarter Portuguese, if we’re going to my grandparents. I think it’s made me extremely open-minded.

“I’ve been very lucky. I grew up in Ireland, but I used to go to the Far East quite a lot as a child. It really made me super aware of different places and really open to different inspirations and different ways of life. So I think that’s a really good influence on my work.”

Her dad John Rocha, a native of Hong Kong but now based in Ireland, also held his catwalk show on Sunday at London Fashion Week and took inspiration from Wicklow walks in his show.

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