Ranked as one of the top ten Irish dancers of North America, Lisa Murphy is currently preparing for the World Irish Dancing Championships, which will be held in Dublin next month.

“It’s a thrill to compete because the level of dancing is extremely high,” Murphy said. “Only the best get to go.”

The 22-year-old is one of the twelve dancers from the east coast who are destined for Irish shores.

Last year, Murphy made it through five rounds to 39th place out of 150 dancers at the World Irish Dance Championships in Scotland.  Murphy’s teacher, Maureen O’Malley Byrne is confident she can raise the bar again this year.

“I’m expecting great things from her this year,” O’Malley-Byrnes said. “She’s been at the top of her game all year long.”

“I knew from early on that she has great rhythm, terrific timing and beautiful form,” O’Malley-Byrnes said. “She can handle any routine you throw at her, no matter how complicated.”

The Brooklyn dancer is known for working modern moves which includes a step-dance version of the moonwalk, into her routines.

Murphy told Courier Life about her costume for next months event.

“Dressing is one of the most expensive parts of Irish dancing,” Murphy said. “But I’m getting a new dress for the competition — black and hot pink.”

Not only is she a skilled dancer but the 22-year-old  is also currently studying for a Bachelor’s in mathematics at  St. Joseph’s college.

“I’m torn between dance and mathematics,” Murphy revealed. “But we’ll see what the future holds.”