Lindsay Lohan's father has warned his daughter that she could be "dead in a year."

However, Michael Lohan is reduced to making his predictions through the media because Lindsay has not spoken to her father for several months.

Michael, who is estranged from the actress, has made several public claims that Lindsay is addicted to prescription painkillers and that there is "nothing left of her."

Speaking at the weekend, Lindsay said she's often a target for negative press, but it appears as if her father might be a prime reason for it.

Some commentators have said he seems to be locked in a battle with former reality TV star Jon Gosselin for the most tasteless pubicity stunt.

Comparing your very alive daughter to the very dead Elvis, Anna Nicole Smith and Heath Ledger is certainly tasteless.

Heres what  he said: It could be a year, a month, a week – who knows? She has a plethora of medicine you can’t mix and can’t drink with. […] She needs long-term rehab. I fear the worst. Look at Elvis, Anna Nicole Smith, Heath Ledger – who was a close friend of hers.

What do you think? Who needs to be rescued? Lindsay or her dad?