That noise you can hear in the background is the death knell for Lindsay Lohan's career.

The former child star has been reduced to lending her name to celeb-obsessed milkshake store

Lindsay arrived at the West Hollywood milkshake store last Thursday in a dress that highlighted her skeletally thiN frame.

What was millionsofmilkshakes thinking?

Sure, they're getting media coverage out of this but were they being ironic in naming a milkshake after a woman who looks as if she could do with a gallon of milkshakes a day?

Did they believe that plastering her name onto their product would somehow attract customers rather than scare them off.

Either way, it seems like things are coming to an end for the 23 year old former child star.

When the paparazzi need to be invited to a celebrity event then you can be pretty sure she is over the hill.

With the critical flop of her recent straight-to-TV movie, “Labor Pains”, here’s hoping we have heard the last of Lindsay Lohan.