Troubled screen starlet Lindsay Lohan may not be with us much longer. After recently spending some time overseas in London, Lohan now sounds as if she’s contemplating a permanent move to the UK.

Lohan, who returned back to the States over the weekend after attending a few London Fashion Week events, tweeted her plans on her Twitter account.
Giving her reasons for the desired change of scenery, LiLo explained, “Better dj’s/music and Paris is just a Chunnel away!”
The talk of heading off to live in London comes after a recent interview about her past drug use and her enduring love for her ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson, who she dubbed “the only girl for her”.
In the three ring media circus that is her life in the U.S., it's hard to blame the young star for her decision. And maybe she's figured out that croissants taste best in a French pastry shop that's actually in Paris.