Sometimes you don't need a therapist, what you really need is a witch doctor. Poor Lindsay Lohan could be forgiven if at times she feel's like she's laboring under a voodoo curse. Because just when you think she's out of the woods - blam - another drama hits.

Three years after the 'Mean Girls' star was caught in a wild car chase, she is being ordered to testify whether she used drugs that night.

This week Radar Online is reporting that Judge Richard Fox ruled June 24 that Lohan must answer questions as to whether she used cocaine the night she was arrested in 2007, which resulted in a lawsuit brought by people who were in the car.

Lohan's attorney, Edwin McPherson, argued that his client shouldn't be forced to answer the questions based on her Fifth Amendment rights, but the judge didn't see it that way.

Some of these questions will be directed towards her drug use at the time of the incident and Lohan’s answers, which will be recorded during a two-hour deposition in July, will be used in a civil lawsuit, which was filed against the actress by one of the parties involved in the car chase who claims she suffered emotional distress.

The case will go to trial at the end of July.

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