Poor Lindsay, it's getting worse and worse for the diva redhead every day.

Only last Thursday, she was turned away at the door from a Victoria's Secret party. She turned up looking all glam expecting to be allowed in, but when the doormen saw her coming they locked up the velvet red rope and said, "you ain't on the guest list gal, pal."

Lohan was gutted. She Twittered about her disgust.

So being the kind gossip expert he is, Perez Hilton -- who is sometimes on Lindsay's side -- told her not to worry. Via his ever-so-famous blog, Perez invited the party animal to his birthday bash.

The two will get on like a house on fire.

But Perez ,please keep her away from the booze table -- or she may steal your thunder. And oh we know how much you like the attention!