It is pretty sad that Irish American Lindsay Lohan has sunk to the level of accepting an offer of a date from a 77-year-old Austrian millionaire who wants to dangle her on his arm at the opera.

Richard Lugner, who is a shopping mall owner, is filthy rich, but it is a sad reflection on Lohan's stature these days that she is reduced to this.

Whatever happened to the bright and talented young star of 'Herbie' and so many other movies?

Somewhere along the line Lindsay Lohan has been let down very badly by the same friends, family and hangers on who have made her life a soap opera to this point and destroyed a young talent.

Sure, she has helped it along herself but her crazy parents have made every setback worse by their own constant meddling.

Why will I not be surprised if we get the call someday like with Britney Murphy, another tragic Irish American star that things have gone badly wrong indeed.

Lindsay Lohan's house was allegedly robbed by a gang of spoiled rich girls