Lindsay Lohan has "offended" a designer boutique after demanding free clothes.

The Irish-American actress has upset exclusive Los Angeles boutique Kitson, which stocks Lohan’s leggings line 6126, after she reportedly demanded $15,000 in free merchandise from a shop assistant earlier this month.

Store owners are displeased with the 23-year-old's demands because she reportedly failed to fulfill her promotional duties after they splashed out a huge sum on stocking her leg-wear range.

A spokesperson told Fox News: "We're actually really offended. The tables have turned and now we're the customer.

"We spent $50,000 on her leggings line, but she hasn't come to the store in three years, and she didn't even do a personal appearance.”

Staff at the shop, which is on Robertson Boulevard, has now threatened to withdraw the collection from their store.

The source added: "She should have brought cookies for the staff to thank them for selling her leggings because she does nothing. We don't know if we'll continue to carry them."