Lindsay Lohan is in talks about possibly headlining Willie Nelson's of comedy "The Dry Gulch Kid" but she doesn't want to wear her SCRAM (alcohol-monitoring bracelet) while filming.

Lohan, who was in court on Monday told the judge she didn't want to wear the SCRAM bracelet as it might impede on her new movie role.

Although it's not been confirmed if Lohan has accepted the role Nelson said they are in talks.

"We are in talks, but nothing is confirmed yet," Nelson's production partner, Kerry Wallum, told the E Online site.

"Hopefully she'll let us know in the next few days. She's a good actress."

However Wallum doesn't see the bracelet as in issue.

"The ankle bracelet means nothing to us," she told E

"We can take care of that."

The movie is scheduled to begin shooting this summer and stars Johnny Knoxville.

Lohan would play a character called "Lieutenant."

Lohan is currently being forced to juggle her career with several court dates.

On Monday she was sentenced to three years of probation and an 18-month alcohol education program.

Lohan will next appear in court for a hearing on July 6.