Lindsay Lohan and Aurelien Wiik, best known for his role in as "Pierrot" in Roger Hanin's film Soleil, starring Sophia Loren, Philippe Noiret and Marianne Sägebrecht, were spotted smooching at a party in Los Angeles recently.

Lohan, who called it quits with her on again off again girlfriend Samantha Ronson in 2009, seemed to be enjoying herself in the arms of her French suitor, according to eye witnesses.

Lohan, who loves French fashion and French food, is now into the French men it seems.

It is unclear whether Lohan and Wiik shared a croissant together the following morning!

Who knows, maybe Lohan will purchase her own chateauxin France very soon.

'2010 is about moving forward, not backwards,' says Lindsay Lohan.