After some time away from the camera, Lindsay Lohan, is set to appear in our movie theaters this Labor Day in a Robert Rodriquez's movie, "Machete."

Although the movie was filmed last fall it's only getting it's face time this year.

Lindsay, who was on the straight and narrow last year, will hopefully do the movie justice!

We just dread the premier party.

She may never act again if she acts up like she has been doing lately at those parties.

The movie is sure to turn heads.

It's about a knife-wielding Mexican, Danny Trejo, who gets revenge when he finds out his is double crossed by a corrupt politician.

The movie also stars, Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriquez and Robert De Niro.

We've no idea what part (big or small) Lindsay will play but we will pay to see this!

The movie will hit theaters on September 3rd.