Oh La La! Lindsay Lohan's debut in Paris as the artistic advisor for the stately Emanuel Ungaro fashion house has really raddled the stately New York Times.

Eric Wilson, reviewing the show, snootily noted that some of Lindsay Lohan's models "wore sequin-covered pasties, in the shape of hearts, on their breasts, leaving several people in the audience aghast. A few dresses looked as if they had been painted onto the models."

And he went on to say that Lindsay's arrival was like a "McDonald’s fry cook taking the reigns of a three-star Michelin restaurant."

Seems that Wilson is not alone - the fashion director for the French newspaper Le Figaro peered down her beautiful French nose and said Lindsay was not "relevant."

However, given that Ungaro chief Mounir Moufarrige hired Lindsay to generate publicity - and get people into his stores - it's obvious that he's clearly succeeded if both the Times and Le Figaro are featuring stories on Ungaro.

And, as Wilson concedes at the end of the piece, Ungaro's flagship store was mobbed with shoppers.