Taking a break from her recent role as Elizabeth Taylor, Lindsay Lohan appeared on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” as a hairdresser ton Wednesday night.

The actress wore a platinum blonde bob cut wig for her role as a hairdresser in the show’s weekly skit, “Let Us Play With Your Look.” In the skit, an audience member was pulled onstage to get a makeover from the celebrity guest while Fallon’s character repeatedly sings the title of the skit. The celebrity guest then makes a unique, sometimes comedic exit from the stage.

Lohan coated the man’s hair in mousse and then teased it up into a faux hawk. When Fallon became tired from singing, Lohan seemed unsure of what to do next. She closed the mousse container and made an escape through the stage curtains.

Lohan was criticized for not doing an interview with Barbara Walters to promote her recent Lifetime film, “Liz and Dick.” Lohan is scheduled for an interview with Jay Leno on the “Tonight Show” next week.

Michael Lohan was also recently in the public’s eye due to a claim that he fathered a lovechild during his marriage to Dina Lohan. He agreed to a televised paternity test on an episode of the “Trisha Goddard” show and the results came back positive.

The 17 year old girl’s mother, Kristi Horn, had tried multiple times to get Michael Lohan to pay child support without success. On hearing the news, Horn burst into tears.

The TV episode was the first time he had seen his daughter, Ashley, face to face. Lohan got up to hug her. She resisted, shouting, “No! No! No!” and he pleaded, “I just want to hug you!”

Ashley does not want to become a member of the Lohan family. She says she only wanted to know the truth. IB Times reports that Ashley told the show, “I don’t want to be part of the Lohan train-wreck.”

Watch Lindsay Lohan’s appearance in the “Late Night” skit here.

Lindsay Lohan appeared on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” as a hairdresser this weekNBC