Lindsay Lohan claims her best friend has stolen her design ideas. The 'Mean Girls' actress - who recently announced she is to expand her leggings range in her 6126 collection to include other items of clothing - has been left furious after longtime pal Patrick 'Pootie' Aufdenkamp reportedly used her drawings for his own line he is launching.

A source said: "Patrick stole Lindsay's sketches for her new 6126 clothing line. He is now running off trying to do his own line. And telling people he's going to fashion market week in NYC on February 18 to debut his line.

"It's horrible. He was her best friend. He has always used her, and she's been warned to never trust him. Lindsay is a good friend and likes to see the good in people. She didn't want to believe how bad Patrick's energy was, and how false his friendship has always been with her."

Patrick has known Lindsay for seven years, since she was 16, and the star admits she's been hurt by his betrayal. She told "I should've known better. But new year for me and a new beginning! Health, happiness, success and love!" It was recently revealed Lindsay is planning to include other items of clothing in her 6126 collection, including jackets, dresses, and trousers in lace, cashmere and leather.

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