She's more drama than Royal Shakespeare Company, that Lindsay Lohan.
This morning she Tweeted that her on-again, off-again ex Samantha Ronson spat in her face whilst at a party at the Coachella rock festival.
First thought: Don't these girls ever get sick of parties? I mean, don't they ever have an urge to visit the Natural History Museum, say?
Second thought: This sounds like made up drama.
In the highly improbable scenario (but who really knows with Lindsay) the 'Mean Girls' actress told her millions of followers on Twitter that her ex had 'spat' in her face while she was at a party before then casually sauntering off Miley Cyrus’ ex-boyfriend.
So, could there be any truth in what Lindsay is saying, or is she just telling her followers yet more random made up nonsense?
I'll take a bet she’ll probably wake up later today, delete the accusatory Tweet and then go to a party.