“Lincoln” star and County Wicklow resident, Daniel Day Lewis has said  he moved to Ireland after the press called him "unhinged" after he collapsed during a performance of 'Hamlet' at London's National Theatre in 1989.

Day-Lewis had "an almost hallucinatory moment" in which he was confronted by his dead father, the poet Cecil Day-Lewis, on stage. The actor was reportedly led from the stage sobbing uncontrollably and refused to finish the play.

In an interview with Time magazine before the release of 'Lincoln,' in which the actor plays the title role, Day-Lewis said he was speaking metaphorically when he claimed to have seen his father's ghost on stage.

An actor known for delving deep into every role, Day-Lewis said that working on such a play as Hamlet means "you explore everything through your  own senses."

Day-Lewis lives near Wicklow mountains with his wife Rebecca Miller and their children. The actor holds dual British and Irish citizenship.