Taiwan's version of Susan Boyle, Lin Yu Chun, has been snapped up by Sony Records and will be releasing his first English studio album in the next few weeks.

Lin, just like SuBo, was a complete long shot but when he took to the stage on the Taiwanese reality show, "One Million Star" he wowed the judges with his powerful chops and earned himself the nickname "Taiwan's Susan Boyle.

Lin, 24, was over the moon to be linked to SuBo.

After performing his rendition of "I Will Always Love You" on the show, Lin received almost 10 million hits on YouTube

At a mothers day event organized by Haagen-Dazs a few weeks ago Lin told reporters he was over the moon to be called SuBo's protege.

He said, "I have never imagine that I will become her junior. I'm really very happy!"

"If there is a chance I will definitely love to collaborate with her. I really want to tell her 'I love you'," he smilingly added.

During the Haagen-Dazs performance, Lin sang the song that made SuBo famous, "I Dreamed a Dream."

The unlikely soprano said, "This song has touched me and gave me a lot of encouragement."

Like Boyle, Lin, nicknamed "Little Fatty" before the show, did not win his televised talent show, but he soon became a minor US sensation.

He performed on The Ellen Degeneres Show, where he sang Total Eclipse of the Heart with William Shatner.

"I now have more confidence in pursuing a singing career," Yu Chun told the Associated Press.

"You don't have to be a good-looking man or woman to succeed. Just be yourself and try your best."

Lin signed his Sony contract in Shanghai on Thursday and is over the moon that his career is fast tracking in the right direction.

Lin Yu Chun signs a record deal with Sony