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Limerick’s comic-duo the Rubberbandits have secured the biggest ever weekly sale of any download in Irish chart history with 15,000 sales as well as thousands of physical sales of their single “Horse Outside”.

 Blindboy Boathouse and Mr Chrome continue to do battle with “X Factor” winner Matt McCardle for the number one Christmas slot. McCardle had the biggest one-week sale in Ireland since 2002. However, there’s still a chance that the ‘Bandits could make it as their fans are being urged to buy the single before midnight on Wednesday.

Following the release of the album on December 17th 15,000 copies of the single were ordered at HMV (a music store) on Cruises Street, Limerick. The store has repeatedly sold out of copies over the last week.

For the second week in a row “Horse Outside” is number one in the Irish iTune’s chart while the YouTube video has received 3,369,621 hits.

This weekend the ‘Bandits appeared on Ireland’s most watched TV chat show “The Late Late Show”. They also entertained the Munster rugby team’s Christmas party. Now it seems that Sky News, MTV and Channel 4 have all requested interviews with the pair. Currently “Horse Outside” is in at slot number 130 in the British singles chart.

Following the massive success of the video for “Horse Outside” the Reverend Koenraad Van Guucht, the chaplain of the contemplative centre in University of the Limerick has said they are “less than happy” about the use of the space in filming the video. He said he “wasn't clear at the time of as to exactly the nature of filming".

The video was also raised in the Milford parish newsletter which objected to the filmed of the video outside Milford Church. The parishioners and members of the community are said to be “hurt and offended by the video.”

A spokesperson for the ‘Bandits said that no one had been misled about the video shoot. They explained that filming for the video have been carried out by a RTE (Ireland’s national broadcaster) and both the University of Limerick and Milford parish had given permission.

Read more: The Rubberbandits unmasked as middle-class gentlemen - SEE VIDEOS