Lily Allen is launching her own clothing store next month.

In an interview with UK’s Elle the musician said she was really excited about the store opening. Some of the vintage clothes will come from Allen’s own wardrobe.

The store will function as a swap shop. Her mission is to encourage a less throw-away shopping culture.

“It’s not ethical to do that, so I’m quite happy to turn it into a business and see other people having enjoyment out of it,” she said.

The store will be called Lucy In Disguise and it will debut at the Goodwood festival in August.

Though some of the clothes will actually come from Allen’s waredrobe she’s made it clear that the clothes won’t be high end designer pieces like Chanel. She insists that her high end purchases are collectors pieces.

“When I’m buying expensive things I tend to think, ‘yep, that’s something timeless that I can give to my daughter,’” said Allen.