British pop chanteuse Ellie Goulding has only recently caught on over here with her catchy hit single “Lights,” but she’s big news back home she says . . . so big that she can’t even catch a bit of peace and quiet when she returns, unlike Bono.

"This is what I hear about Bono," she said during a recent interview. "When he goes back to Dublin, no one seems to care and they leave him alone. When I go back home to Hereford, I get followed around, people try to stop me or take my picture.”

Oh dear, the price of fame!  If Miss Ellie manages to stick around as long as Bono she’ll be lucky, so enjoy the attention while it lasts!

Even though she sang at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding party last year, an Irish audience, Goulding says, is second to none.

"It's a cliché-and-a-half but if I could wing it so that I'm always performing in Ireland, that would be the dream,” she said.

"I remember getting snowed in in Dublin for two nights after playing the Olympia during that crazy cold Christmas a few years back, and while everyone else was moaning and stressing over not getting back home, I would have been happy if a blizzard had set in all winter."

Ellie Goulding