Domhnall Gleeson is an Irish born actor who will play Bill Weasley in the film adaptations of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" part one and two.

He worked alongside his father, Brendan Gleeson, who has portrayed Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody since Goblet of Fire in the final two movies, one which is to be released later this year.

Gleeson's final day on the set was last week.

 “To be honest, the last day on set I was basically running around - it was more an exercise then acting. It was a battle scene so there wasn’t a huge amount of character work. It was good though, exercise is important!," he told Irish Film and Television Network (IFTN) in a recent interview.

Now young Gleeson is busy with other projects.

Gleeson's latest shot-movie is called "Noreen."

Gleeson, 27, wrote and directed "Noreen" and is very proud of his production. It has been chosen to be screened at the Palm Springs film festival.

Gleeson's famous father and brother - Brian- also stared in "Noreen."

Daddy Gleeson agreed to be in the short-movie after reading the script.

Brian was cast in it from the beginning.

“Noreen was a lot of pressure, especially trying to fit in into the schedule we had. We worked around my dad’s schedule but in the end I was the one who had to leave the set early on the fourth day to fly out for ‘Harry Potter’, Gleeson told IFTN.

"It was absolute madness - it ended up that though we were due to shoot for four full days it was snowing when we got down and we were shooting out on the roads so we were faced with that and on top of that on the last day I had to take the half day.”

So did Gleeson get into acting because he saw the fun his father had with it; quite the opposite actually,

 “I was slightly hesitant about getting into acting,” he said.

 “This was when I was a kid, when you’re trying to find your identity and see who you want to be in life. I did worry about being the ‘little Gleeson’ – I’m sure if my dad was a carpenter and I wanted to go down that route too it would be the same thing. But I’m well over that now though.”

While not on "Harry Potter" and shooting his short movie, Gleeson also made time to star in "True Grit" a western remake by the Coen Brothers.

Gleeson replaces Dennis Hopper in the part of Moon.

He also starred alongside Jeff Bridges in his movie.

 “It was great on the ‘True Grit’ set because it was really intense. The Coen brothers are amazing, they’re special. They’re my absolute favourite so it was an experience of a lifetime. I worked with Jeff and another American actor called Paul Rae and Hailee Steinfeld. But I worked with Jeff before so it was kind of exciting to go back.”

Gleeson also worked on "Never Let Go" with Keira Knightely, Carey Mulligan and Andrew Garfield.

This young man's career is taking off in the fast lane.

And why wouldn't it with the strong acting gene he has inherited.

Irish actor Domhnall Gleeson