The military coat worn by Liam Neeson in iconic Irish film “Michael Collins” sold for thousands of dollars at a recent London auction.

The long green coat and accompanying accessories worn by Neeson while playing the title role of the famous Irish republican in the 1996 film was initially expected to raise around £400 ($650), but surprisingly sold for £3,120 ($5,100).

Many outfits from the hit Irish biopic brought in some dough at the Bonhams auction, including the prisoner’s uniform worn by Alan Rickman, who played Eamon de Valera (went for £120, or $196) and a uniform worn by Aidan Quinn, who played Collins’ sidekick Harry Boland (went for £264, or $431).

International costume house Angels entered around 250 items into the auction, the total of which sold for £283,980 ($463,868).