If “Clash of the Titans” is half as good as the trailer then fans can expect a rollercoaster ride when the movie, which stars our own Liam Neeson, comes out next year.

The high octane trailer features amazing action scenes, super CGI-aided setups and the promise of a blood bath's worth of action that will have fans frothing ahead of the movie’s release in 2010.

Neeson plays Zeus in the movie, and the big man from Ballymena sports a suit of gold armor, and dark brown, Zeus-like long hair and full beard.

Sam Worthington, the Aussie who made a huge breakthrough in the last Terminator movie, takes on the role of ‘Perseus.’

Also starring in the movie, based on the Greek myth of Perseus and his epic battles with Medusa and the Kraken monster in order to save a Princess Andromeda, are Pete Postlethwaite ( Irish fans will remember him from ‘In The Name of the Father’ with Daniel Day Lewis) and former Bond girl Gemma Arterton.

Ralph Fiennes, a close friend of Neeson’s who co-starred with him in the Stephen Spielberg-directed Schindler’s List, plays the role of Hades.