What on earth is the gifted Irish actor Liam Neeson doing in the new 'A-Team' movie? Doesn't it seem like Hollywood is doing nothing at the moment except churn out second rate reboots of cheesy 1980's TV hits?

Last time we looked Neeson was considered a serious actor, which makes his appearance as the cigar chomping George Peppard clone all the more unlikely. Sure the pay check must have been tempting, but what price can you put on a plot this thin?

And before you think this is just a one off, did you know that other 80s "classics" like "The Never Ending Story", "Top Gun", "Ghostbusters", and even "Conan The Barbarian" are all under consideration for remakes?

When you hear they're making a movie of "Dynasty" starring Lindsay Lohan in the role made famous by Joan Collins you'll know that there's not one good idea left in the old Dream Factory.