Irish actor Liam Neeson has long been regarded one of the hardest working actors in Hollywood.

But since the death of his wife Natasha Richardson in March this year, the Ballymena actor has taken on more work than ever before with a whopping seven projects on the go.

Neeson is said to be doing a voice-over for the newest installment of “The Chronicles of Narnia,” while films “What’s Wrong with Virginia,” “The A-Team,” “Lincoln,” “The Red Circle,” “Unknown White Male” and “Fools Rush In” are all lined up for filming over the next year or so.

There’s also rumors that a sequel to the successful movie “Taken” is in the works.

The grieving Irish actor has immersed himself in work since Richardson suddenly died after a ski accident in Quebec.

The 57-year-old hasn’t taken a break from his work since. moving on to a horror movie, “After.Life,” and most recently wrapped up filming for “Clash of the Titans.”

Neeson plays Zeus in the film alongside his go-to friend during his time of mourning, Ralph Fiennes.

Neeson and Fiennes, along with one of Neeson’s sons, Michael, ventured off together to Richardson’s favorite vacation destination, St. Tropez, in June for some surely much-needed R&R.

And though the Northern Irish actor has seemingly been distracted with film projects left and right, the family man has ensured his two sons with Richardson, Michael, 13, and Daniel, 12, are loved and well-taken care of.

“Chloe” director Atom Egoyan said that the only reason Neeson was able to return to filming so soon after his family’s tragedy is that his boys had a strong support system.

And in a recent interview, Irish-American actor Aidan Quinn, Daniel’s godfather, said that Neeson is holding his family together by keeping things as normal as he can.

“He keeps their life very, very normal,” he said.

“They’ve got school, they’ve got homework, they’ve got friends to hang out with.”