If you’re anything like us, you think anything involving Liam Neeson is pretty great. Well, the "Taken" actor could soon (possibly) be singing your praises as part of a new promotional stunt by LinkedIn and 20th Century Fox.

The competition, which promotes Neeson’s new film "Taken 3," has a glorious grand prize of a video of Liam himself endorsing you and your skills to post on your LinkedIn profile. How’s that for impressing a potential employer?

Watch the video below to see Liam as his "Taken" character, former CIA operative Bryan Mills, as he endorses his own skills of “hands-on experience,” “transportation logistics,” “multi-party conflict resolution” and “the recovery of valuable assets.” Though perhaps he’d acquired these skills in less traditional ways than you might have.

And then in his famous Bryan Mills fashion, he says, “For one lucky applicant, I will find your LinkedIn profile – I will review it – and I will record a video of myself endorsing your particular set of skills. Good luck.”

It gives LinkedIn “some of its own personality,” said Roger Kay, founder of tech consulting company Endpoint Technologies Associates. “Liam throwing his brand image behind LinkedIn is definitely useful and helpful for LinkedIn. It makes it more likeable.” The professional network of over 330 million users has a more serious air than other networking sites.

Kay said the new merge of Silicon Valley with Hollywood is a smart move, and that tech companies are now starting to catch on to the idea of branding with celebrity personalities, like Apple buying Dr. Dre’s Beats Music, for example.

While he said that he may be jarred to see Neeson on a potential employee’s profile, it wouldn’t sway his hiring decision either way.

LinkedIn users can enter the competition until December 23 by visiting this website; "Taken 3" hits theaters on January 9.