It’s more than a year since Liam Neeson’s wife, the actress Natasha Richardson died after a tragic skiing accident in Canada.

Liam and their two children, Michael, 15, and Daniel, 13, were devastated, but Neeson is not about to go public on his feelings. “We’re doing good,” is all he’d say to the Daily  Express .

“To be honest, we’re taking each day as it comes. I’m still getting extraordinary condolence letters from people. It’s deeply, deeply touching.”

Neeson says his work helps him.

“I was brought up on Saturday matinee movies,” he recalls.

“I loved the Westerns starring Audie Murphy and Lee Marvin. I remember 'The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.' I remember watching that with my father and just being riveted by the fact that these guys were performing. Jimmy Stewart and John Wayne were incredible.”

Neeson became an Oscar-nominated actor after playing Oscar Schindler in ‘Schindler’s List' for Stephen Spielberg.

Has he shown the movie to his sons yet?

“Not yet. But we live in a barn conversion, and we’ve turned the upper part of it into a little screening room. I’m getting this really cool projector system in. I thought, ‘What’s the first film I want to see?’ And it’s 'Schindler’s List.' It’s got to be.”