Irish Olympic hero Katie Taylor got the shock of her life last weekend when Liam Neeson called her house to congratulate the Bray native on her gold medal win.

The ‘Taken’ star told the Bray woman that she had ‘brought America to a standstill’ during her Olympic final.

The Irish Daily Mail on Sunday reports that Neeson called the 26-year-old last Friday to extend his congratulations.

The gold medal winner’s dad and trainer Pete Taylor said he was in shock when he answered the phone to Neeson.

“The phone rang, and I said, “Yes, this is Pete Taylor”, and he replied, “Hi, I’m Liam Neeson,” I couldn’t believe it. He asked if Katie was there and said he would like to speak to her. I called Katie and told her someone was on the phone for her.

“When I told her it was Neeson, she laughed and said, “You’re having me on,” but I wasn’t.

“He spoke to her for three or four minutes. He congratulated her on her win at the Olympics and said he’d been in New York and that all the bars were full of people watching her. He said she brought America to a standstill and that she made him proud to be Irish. It was amazing.”

Neeson then passed the phone to former Derry pro boxer John Duddy, who spoke to Katie for 10 minutes and also praised her for making Olympic history.

Here's a meme that's been circuling the Internet. We just couldn't resist:

Liam Neeson making his famous phonecall in "Taken"Google Images