READ MORE- Liam Neeson thought he was drowning during ‘Unknown’ scene

Liam Neeson has spoken about how intimidating some of his action scenes were in his new film “Unknown,” which opens today.

Speaking to MyFoxDC, the Northern Irish actor revealed that the fast paced nature of action scenes can be overwhelming.

“I was very very scared. I mean, I cannot do roller-coaster rides or any of that kind of stuff like that with my kids.

“This stuff was acting and also given the fact I was there with Diane (fellow actor Diane Kruger) you have another body with you that sort of takes some of the terror away,” he said.

In his new film Neeson plays a botanist who travels to Berlin with his wife for a conference. After a freak car accident he awakes from a coma only to realize his identity has been stolen.

When asked how he would cope if the same life-threatening situation arose in real life, the Ballymena, Co. Antrim native responded, “I’d be useless.”

Asked how he manages to stay so fit for his roles, Neeson said that he works out but insists he is “not a gym freak.  I used to be but I got over that.”

The star also admitted that, similar to his character in the film, in the past he was often grilled at airports about his identity.

“It used to happen a lot when I was in college in Belfast and flying over at the height of the Troubles in Ireland, because you were a single guy, with long hair they would always pull you in.”

READ MORE- Liam Neeson thought he was drowning during ‘Unknown’ scene