A mortician who falls in love with a woman he’s preparing for the coffin and a high-profile Mormon sheriff involved in a secret affair are two strange and challenging roles that Liam Neeson will take on as he plunges into work following the death of his wife.  

In "After Life," Neeson will star with the suitably morbid Christina Ricci, while Justin Long plays Ricci’s bereaved boyfriend. Neeson and Ricci meet in a morgue after she has supposedly died in a fatal car crash.

However, she’s alive. She wakes up on the mortician’s table, as Neeson’s character is injecting her with substances that help prepare a body for its coffin. Neeson convinces her that she’s dead and in purgatory, and that he’s a medium trying to communicate with her.

Things can only get better from there.

In "What’s Wrong with Virginia," Oscar-winning beauty Jennifer Connolly, playing a tormented and psychologically complex mother, stars alongside Neeson, a Mormon sheriff. The two are having a secretive affair.

Politics and sex are the juice of this film. The affair has simmered for 20 years, and it looks like things will heat up as the Mormon runs for a state Senate seat.

You can only guess what’ll happen from there.