In the multi million dollar super bowl ad contest it appears Liam Neeson has “taken” first prize.

The influential Business Insider site went so far as to say that action hero Liam’s mobile gaming slot has become an instant classic.

The web site headline says it all: “Liam Neeson just transformed what could have been an ordinary mobile game ad into a Super Bowl great.”

Singer Kelly Clarkson also jumped in saying Neeson’s ad for “Clash of Clans” was the best of the multi million dollar ads night:

Liam Neeson wins for best commercial thus far. Funny :) well, the mad max throw back with @NBCTheVoice was pretty good as well.

— Kelly Clarkson (@kelly_clarkson) February 2, 2015
Even Patton Oswalt gave him a plug:

Liam Neeson just won the #SuperBowI ads.

— Patton Oswalt (@pattonoswalt) February 2, 2015
In the spot, created by F. Graf 9000, Neeson is in his “Taken” persona and has just discovered he has been defeated by an online game rival and is vowing revenge.

However, he is playing the game in a coffee shop and his “Taken” persona is interrupted by the barista mispronouncing his name as “Lime.” Neeson suddenly turns meek and mild, stressing his proper pronunciation.

The outcome is an hilarious send up of the “Taken” character reduced to size by the barista and we see a flustered Liam go back to his Clash of Clans game.

The ad will surely further Neeson’s reputation as the action hero of the hour in America and one with a unique persona from the “Taken” movies which has become part of America cult lore.