Liam Neeson wants you to shop to beat breast cancer and he has posed with a very fetching pink handbag to help convince you to do it.

 The handbags Neeson is modeling are being sold by Cancer Research UK , and all proceeds are going towards research into breast cancer.

 October is breast cancer awareness month in the UK and Neeson has recent experience with the disease. Just a year after the death of Neeson’s wife, Natasha Richardson, in a skiing accident, his mother-in-law's sister, Lynn Redgrave, died from breast cancer.

Neeson agreed to pose with three well-known British celebrities, former soccer player Les Ferdinand, tv star Martin Clunes, and movie director Michael Winner, all of whom have lost someone they loved through breast cancer.

 According to Neeson, "Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK which means there aren't many families who haven't been affected by it in some way, and mine is no exception. The good news is that more women than ever before are surviving breast cancer thanks to the work of Cancer Research UK, so make sure you show them your support this Breast Cancer Awareness Month."

The pictures were taken by Terry O’Neill, a photographer who himself is a survivor of cancer.