Irish acting star Liam Neeson has described his latest role in “The Grey” as one of his toughest shoots.

Belfast born Neeson told how freezing temperatures in British Columbia made it very tough for the team during their daily routine. However, he insisted it was an unbelievable experience.

“We were up in a place called Smithers, some little village, but it’s about 200 miles north-east of Vancouver. The first week it was minus 40 degrees [Fahrenheit]. . If you went out for a pee-pee, that was interesting (because it froze)... There's no CGI, all that weather stuff, it's all the real deal,” Contact Music reports.

"The snow would be (waist) deep and you'd have to walk from here to the camera and it became like a two-hour work-out. It really did. It was unbelievable. It was one of the toughest (shoots) I've ever done.
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The “Taken” star recalled the polar opposite extreme temperatures he experienced while filming “Star Wars” in Tunisia.

"The other one was Star Wars. We were on location in Tunisia. And it was 120 degrees (Fahrenheit) and we used to do competitions at lunch time, (we'd take) raw eggs and and crack them open on rocks and we'd lay bets to see how fast they cooked. In the end it was about six or seven seconds."

In his latest role Neeson plays a character called Ottway  in “The Grey”, which revolves around a group of plane crash survivors in Alaska.  It is set to be released on January 27.

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