Widower Liam Neeson, his sons and a host of stars, friends and family attended a memorial service to mark the one year anniversary of Natasha Richardson’s tragic death.

The memorial service, held at Studio 54, New York, was attended by Richardson’s family and her sons Michael, 15, and Daniel, 14.

Along with her closest friends were Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick, Uma Thurman, Anna Wintour, Donna Karen, Diane von Furstenberg, Bono and his wife Ali.

It is now over a year since Natasha tragically died while on a sky trip with her family in Quebec. She suffered head injuries on the slopes.

The accident was initially thought to be a minor one until a few hours later Richardson suffered a massive brain hemorrhage. She was airlifted to New York where she died on March 18, 2009.

The evening at Studio 54 was a celebration Richardson’s life. Last year in a similar celebration of the actress, very much involved in New York theatre, the lights on Broadway were dimmed for one minute in honor of Richardson.

This memorial service comes just days after the Neeson and Vanessa Redgrave, Richardson’s mother, in laid Lynn Redgrave to rest. Richardson’s aunt, another jewel in the crown of British acting, died of breast cancer.

Redgrave was buried in the same rural cemetery where the family said goodbye to Richards over a year ago.

Natasha Richardson