Irish acting legend Liam Neeson revealed that when he first read the script for “Taken” he thought the movie would be a flop.

The Ballymena born actor told Ireland’s premiere talk show The Late Late Show that at first he wasn’t so taken with the script in which he plays a retired CIA agent who travels to Paris to save his kidnapped daughter.

“I thought it would go straight to video for a start,” Neeson said during the interview last Friday night.

He continued, “The 14-year-old boy in me thought, I have a chance to do some physical stuff, which I love to get the chance to do.

“It was a very simple story of a guy trying to look after his child, but I did think it was going straight to video”.

The Schindler’s List star who just finished filming the sequel to “Taken,” said he has got a lot of offers for action movies as a result.

“Hollywood are throwing action stories at me,” he joked.

Neeson turns 60 on June 7.

Watch the Late Late Show interview below: