Liam Gallagher is making a documentary about his new band. The singer - who has formed a new band with his ex-Oasis bandmates following the departure of brother Noel in the summer - wants the recording process to be filmed so he can prove he is creative force.

A source said: "Liam is fed up with people thinking Noel was the brains behind the group. "By filming studio sessions, fans can see how hard he works, and how involved he is in the creative process.

"Liam takes his job very seriously and isn't afraid at letting the cameras poke their lenses in to prove it." Liam also wanted to make a video record of the making of the LP to document the upheaval in his professional life.

The source added to the Daily Star newspaper: "With so many changes in his life, Liam decided to have a record of them. At the moment he doesn't know what he'll do with the footage but is there's enough demand, it could end up being a DVD alongside the new album."

Since the two rock 'n' roll siblings had a huge bust-up in August and split, both have promised to continue making music. Noel, 42, is embarking on his long promised solo record and 37-year-old Liam collaborating with ex-Oasis members guitarist Gem Archer, bassist Andy Bell and drummer Chris Sharrock.

The 'Songbird' singer has also vowed to use his old group's moniker if he doesn't think of anything better. Liam said: "It's me and Gem and Andy, we've got a new bass player who is mega, we've got the old drummer, Chris, who's amazing, the old keyboard player.

"We've gone through a few names but nothing's sticking so we've drawn a line under that for the moment but obviously people will go, 'Oh they're still Oasis.' Life's too short to worry about that s**t but I'm always going to be remembered as Liam from Oasis but we'll see what happens when the record's done."