Ticket sales for London’s West End production of “Les Miserables” have skyrocketed since Susan Boyle sang “I Dreamed a Dream” on “Britain’s Got Talent.”

Sales for the long-running musical increased by 46 percent practically overnight since Boyle’s now legendary performance back in April.

Boyle’s rendition of the song, which is a solo sung by the character Fantine in “Les Miz,” on the talent show received more YouTube views than any video before, with nearly 200 million hits.

The man who discovered the rise in London “Les Miz” ticket sales, Mark Bower, the head of lifestyle products for lastminute.com, told the Daily Telegraph: “There has been a clear knock-on effect from Susan Boyle singing ‘I Dreamed a Dream.’

“After her performance ticket sales shot up almost overnight and have maintained a consistent level of popularity.”

In the end, Boyle’s star turn didn’t help her to win at the “Britain’s Got Talent” final (she was beaten out by dance troupe Diversity), but the chanteuse has since teamed up with Simon Cowell’s record label and U2’s Irish financial manager Ossie Kilkenny in order to launch her professional singing career.

In the meantime, contract requires Boyle, 48, to take part in the “Britain’s Got Talent” promotional tour beginning tonight. Speculation has been circling that Boyle wouldn’t joint the tour due to her brief stay at London’s Priory mental health clinic, where she was suffering from exhaustion.

Boyle’s brother, Gerry, has been quite vocal about Susan’s dreams and aspirations since she shot to fame.

He shared with the media that the Scottish singing star, whose parents were Irish, is ready to embrace the American public’s love for her, is ready to start her career in the U.S. and was even invited to sing for the Obamas at the White House in the coming months.