Are's leprechaun lyrics anti-Irish?

The Black Eyed Peas singer says it's all in good fun but some Irish Americans say he's crossed a line.

The band's new song, "Boom Boom Pow," includes lyrics which boast about how his beats are so big, "they be stepping on leprechauns."

The band have used the leprechaun lyrics to promote the song in a pair of fake videos.

One video features a news reporter interviewing the leprechauns (with their over-the-top Irish accents) while the second video purports to be a retaliation video from the leprechauns.

Irish Voice columnist April Drew said: ""I know he's trying to be funny but I don't think he'd make fun of something as totemic as the leprechaun with another ethnic group," she said.

In the interview video, the leprechauns are shown picketing the star's home while chanting
the music man
he creates the hate

"How am I racist?" asks as he is accused of stepping on leprechauns.

"I eat lucky charms, I'm cool with you," he says.

In the second video, the leprechauns are shown rapping in a forest in response to the alleged racism by

The entire package is clearly aimed at promoting the song but what do you think?

Click here to see the video and let us know.

Is being anti-Irish?