Irish star Cillian Murphy has weighed in for Leonardo DiCaprio after Hollywood reports said the "Titanic" star was too fat for his new film, "Inception."

Murphy, who is currently shooting "Inception" in Paris with DiCaprio said the Hollywood press was telling porkies.

"Leo's not fat," stormed Murphy. "He's in great shape and his fans have nothing to worry about."

Murphy's stout defense of his co-star came after Hollywood insiders claimed that Leo was told to slim down or risk losing out on major film roles.

Sources told a Hollywood gossip site that "Leo needs to shed at least 30lbs. He's gained weight recently and looks almost a bit flabby, which isn't good, especially as the camera adds pounds."

However Murphy says it's a storm in a tea cup.

"He's not overweight," he said.

Pictures from the set seem to back him up, what do you think?

Inception," which stars DiCaprio, Murphy, Ellen Page, Marion Cotillard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is being billed as the Hollywood blockbuster for 2010.