Peter O'Toole, one of Ireland's legendary thespians and bon vivant, is feeling a bit antsy lately because he cannot find any work.

The 77-year-old star, who has been nominated eight times for an Oscar and was awarded an honorary golden statue in 2003, was slated to appear in three movies this year, but after funding fell through for all projects, he has been left out of a job and is a bit miffed.

"You cannot say, 'I'm going to be in a film in two or three months,' because the thing can fall apart two weeks beforehand," O’Toole told Tim Walker of Britain's Telegraph.

"There isn't enough funding. I was meant to be in three films this year and none of them came off. It's frustrating."

It is encouraging to hear that O'Toole is eager to find roles, as some of his recent work has been most impressive.  The "Lawrence of Arabia" star was nominated for an Oscar in 2006 for his performance in "Venus," and he was a hit in season two of the Showtime series "The Tudors," playing Pope Paul II.