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Gary Moore, the legendary Thin Lizzy guitarist, was laid to rest yesterday in village a graveyard outside Brighton in England.

The 58-year-old Belfast-born rock musician died of a heart attack in his sleep while on holiday in Spain on February 6. He was buried near to the spot he had made his home for the past 15 years and where his children now live.

Father Martin Morgan, who said the funeral service at the nearby Saint Margaret's Church in East Sussex, described Moore as the kind of musician who would play anywhere.

Father Martin recalled that the world-famous Irish guitarist had once performed in a modest local pub to help raise funds for the victims of the Haiti earthquake.

"They asked lot of people to play but Gary was the only one who turned up. He was someone who took the talent he was given and used it to touch the soul of others. I believe for this generosity, Gary is in heaven," Father Morgan said.

Moore is survived by his children, Saoirse, Lily, Jack and Gus.

Read more: Famed Thin Lizzy guitarist dies - SEE VIDEO