Irish broadcaster Ryan Turbridy revealed how he witnessed a young couple's X-rated performance when he went to a Dublin cinema to view the new Superman movie "Man of Steel."

Describing the incident as his "Molly Bloom" moment, the 40-year-old 'Late Late' host, tells how he went in to see the movie, which stars hunky actor Henry Cavill, on a day off.

"It was in a cinema I don't go into very often," he explained. "There I was sitting down with my Coke and popcorn on an aisle seat."

As the lights went down, Turbridy told the Irish Independent that he became aware of a couple in their mid-twenties two rows in front.

"It started with a peck on the cheek, then a kiss on the lips, then it turned into the song Je T'Aime. I was trying to watch the caped crusader and having an awful time because this amorous couple are going pretty strong. And anytime it went quiet on the screen, all you could hear was the slurping of this couple at full go."

The action got even more intense as the film reached a climactic moment.

"Because the screen got dark and sound louder, the action between the couple got more and more intense. Your man was so at her...what he wasn't doing to her! She was groaning.

"At one stage, whatever he was doing to her, hands were up over the two seats and her head was thrown back. She was groaning and using very positive words. I could see certain movements of the human form happening. It was close to Bloomsday. It was my very own Molly Bloom moment."

Turbridy said the distraction meant he left the theater with "no idea" what happened in the blockbuster film.

"The stamina of that young man to keep that up for two and a half hours. What he wasn't doing to her. It must have been the best film she ever saw in her life."

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