Lady Gaga has applied for an internship with Irish hat designer Philip Treacy, the world's top hat maker. All she has to do now is wait to see if she has been accepted.

'The request came through quite a while ago,' a spokesperson for Treacy told British Vogue yesterday. 'Gaga and Treacy' get on well, although nothing has been confirmed yet.'

The Irish-born milliner, who hails from County Galway, collaborated with Gaga to design two headpieces for her ongoing Monster Ball tour. Gaga was apparently so smitten with the work that now she wants to spend some time working at Treacy's London studio.

Gaga's move follows that of fellow fashion victim Kanye West, who went behind the scenes with Louis Vuitton after developing a fondness for that fashion house's upscale aesthetic.

Treacy's designs are much more avant garde than Louis Vuitton handbags, but no less attractive to the rich and famous. His hats have been worn by everyone from Sarah Jessica Parker to the Duchess of Cornwall.

Gaga has also received a lot of attention for her bizarre headgear, but Treacy likes to remind everyone who's really boss.

'Lady Gaga is definitely interesting but she chooses from what I make,' he told Culture Map. And she follows his golden rule – keeping the hat on. 'You wouldn't take your underwear off at an event would you?' he said. 'You miss the whole point if you take it off.'