Oh-oh. Pierce Brosnan must be kicking himself. The former James Bond, who has made it clear that he would still play the iconic role in a heartbeat, must have had a twinge of real regret about the role that was once his when he learned that none other than Lady Gaga may be singing the film's next theme song.

The eccentric singer, who's devotion to drama can not be denied, has beaten off previous contenders like Amy Winehouse - who blew her chance to sing in Quantum of Solace due to her epic summer of madness.

But Gaga's participation is not assured. The singer Michael Bubble is also contending to submit a demo this time. The best effort will get the gig.

There's plenty of time to get the tune right too because filming has been put back - partly due to the recession and partly to make the film 3D.

Until a title is decided for the next Bond movie, starring Daniel Craig, it's being referred to as Bond 23.