It wasn't all fun and performances for Lady Gaga while she was in Dublin.

It was revealed this week that Gaga, who has several musical accolades under her tight belt, spent time in Dublin's Windmill Lane Recording Studios.

The "Bad Romance" singer, hours before appearing on stage in the O2 Arena for her Dublin show last week, recorded some tracks for her upcoming album.

This was confirmed by a spokesperson for Pulse College.

However the college is remaining tight-lipped about the specific tracks.

Pulse College, an internationally renowned multimedia training college, have taken over the studios and recently expanded the place including a 35+ seater lecture room and six-media labs.

During an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Gaga said her album will be released in 2011.

"It came so quickly. I've been working on it for months, and I feel very strongly that it's finished right now.”

Queen Gaga isn't the only celeb to record in Windmill Lane Recording Studios.

Rockstars before her include U2, The Script and The Cranberries.