Lady Gaga and Coldplay's Chris Martin performed at Apple's annual new-product-announcement event. The superstar in his own right, Steve Jobs, brought the pop stars to the stage at the launch of the new line of iPods and a social music social network site called Ping.

The soulful Chris Martin sung an unreleased song "Wedding Bells" to the crowds delight. While Lady Gaga officially launched the website, Ping.

Jobs was launching the revamp iPod Shuffle, which brings back the finger controls form the tiny Nano on a touch screen.

Chris Martin played first before Jobs brought out Lady Gaga to introduce the latest innovation the website, Ping. The music focused network will have a potential 160 million users per day and will include upcoming iTunes updates.

Job's said "Users can follow their favorite artists and friends, see what they're listening to and downloading, post opinions and thoughts on music and browse concert listings on the new service."

Lady Gaga was brought on by Apple as an example of her using the Ping site and Twitter to communicate with her fans. She appeared in a pre-taped video promoting the product. However the biggest buzz about her appearance and involvement is that Apple deleted some of her tweets which referred to the recent overturning of anti gay-marriage legislation Proposition 8 in California, according to Gawker.